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Hair Growth Pack - Set of 5 Pouches

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Handmade / Zero Preservatives / 100% Chemical Free / 100% Herbal


Herbs Based Multi- Vitamin Nutritional Hair Growth Pack : Our Exclusive Formula for Hair Fall Control, Root Strengthening, Regrowth Stimulation, Repair, Shine and Bounce!


Youngify Hair Growth Pack is specifically formulated based on ancient wisdom and traditional recipes passed for generations, all made by hand with love and in small batches just after you place order, using natural methods to ensure purity and exceptional quality.


COMPLETE FOOD FOR YOUR HAIR: Perfect infusion of 32 powerful ingredients which includes Indian medicinal herbs, Fresh leaves and flowers, nuts, seeds, 100% Pure cold pressed oils extracted in- house.


At Youngify, we are passionate about using only the purest of ingredients, plucked by hand at the peak of season, ethically sourced and formulated, to create products you can trust. We do not introduce any heat during the production of the pack to preserve the nutritional value of ingredients. Our pack is only made using natural methods without incorporating any preservatives or stabilizers.


·  HAIR FALL CONTROL & GROWTH: Say goodbye to excessive hair fall. Our formula strengthens your hair, minimizing breakage and loss by providing essential nutrients and vitamins to its roots. Our formula treats and rejuvenates your scalp, penetrating deeply into the hair cuticle, fostering hair follicle development .


·   SCALP NOURISHMENT: Harnessing the medicinal properties of our carefully chosen herbs and ingredients, including Amla, Bhringraj, Curry Leaves, Aloe Vera, Shikakai, Hibiscus, and Castor oil.


·  HAIR THICKENING/ VOLUMIZING: Packed with an abundance of vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, and antioxidants that enhance hair density and diameter, delivering that essential extra bounce you won't want to miss. 


·  ANTI- GREY: The combination of herbs such as Curry Leaves provide essential nutrients like vitamins and minerals which help maintain hair's natural colour by restoring melanin. 


• FRIZZ FREE SHINE SILKY SOFT HAIR: Say goodbye to frizz and hello to the silky, shiny hair you've always dreamed of. Our secret lies in conditioning ingredients like Fenugreek, which not only thickens hair but also enhance it’s natural shine and softness. With the added benefits of Aloe Vera and Castor oil, you'll experience deeper hydration and repaired hair, leaving you with luxuriously smooth locks.



  • Controls Hairfall
  • Hairloss reversal
  • Reverse Receding hairline
  • Hair Thickening
  • Improves Hair texture
  • Strong Healthy Hair
  • Repair Hair Colour


Key Ingredients:

Acacia Concinna, Vetiver, Mimusops Elengi, Phyla Nodiflora, Fenugreek, Curcuma Aromatica, Poppy Seeds, Orange Peel, Curry Leave, Green Gram, Aloe Vera, Aamla, Marikozhundhu, Bhringraj, Hibiscus, Sebaruthi, Kaarboga Arisi, Lemon Peel, Soap Nuts, Magizham, Poduhalai, Multiple Cold Pressed Oils Like Sesame, Mustard, Coconut, Castor, Jojoba, Argan and More


 How to Use:

Apply the Youngify hair growth pack to your entire scalp, and work it through the hair strands. Leave it on for 15-20 min and wash it out with a mild shampoo. Use 2-3 times a week as a pre-shampoo treatment. For better results, apply Youngify hair growth oil a night before using the hair growth pack. 


Suitable for all hair & scalp types: Oily, Dry, Normal, Curly, Colored, Chemically treated, Henna treated hair.

 Caution: Patch test recommended before first use. Discontinue usage immediately if you notice any signs of allergy.

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